How to Buy Land In Kenya

How to Buy Land In Kenya

It is everyone's dream to have a place to call home.  The land is the most valuable fixed asset that you could possibly own today. But do you the process involved in buying that plot? What to Know Before Buying Land in Kenya. To ensure that you make the right purchase and avoid getting scammed in the process, here is how to carry out due diligence when buying land. The type of...


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Off-Plan Houses

The reality of off-plan houses today in Kenya is that most people avoid them at all costs. Most people or people they know have been swindled of their hard-earned money thanks to the booming real estate industry. However, it is not okay to rule out the very benefits that come with the purchase of off-plan properties. Thorough research on your developer is essential before purchasing properties. If you...

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