Real Estate

Characteristics of Good Real Estate Agents

Characteristics of Good Real Estate Agents Real estate agents serve a great role in ensuring both the property owner and the buyer get what they are looking for. They help the two parties; Buyer and seller navigate through the financial transaction that could otherwise be very complex and tedious. In that case, both the buyer and the seller need to be keen on choosing a good real estate agent. It is...

Mwalimu Farm

Mwalimu Farm; 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest Here

Mwalimu farm has all of a sudden been popular in the Kenyan real estate market. Some people could be wondering what is this Mwalimu farm, where is it located, where has it been all along, and why now? In this article, we will try to respond to these questions in the best way possible. Mwalimu farm is located in Ruiru East constituency bordering Kamakis. Mwalimu farm is an area with great potential and...

Real Estate

Things to Consider While Investing in Real Estate in Kenya

The potential returns on an investment in real estate are enticingly high and plentiful. As a result, purchasing property in Kenya might provide a chance to increase one’s earning capacity and amass a substantial amount of money. Investors are assured of large cash flow, tax benefits, and high returns thanks to the varied opportunities made accessible in carefully chosen assets. Current Trend of Real...

Land Investment

7 Ways on How To Make Profits From Your Empty Land

How can I use my empty land to make profits before I put it to use? This is a question that comes up most of the time when dealing with clients. It is also a question that rises within the real estate industry because we have to advise our clients accordingly. The rule of buying land is Buy and wait but then the question of what to do in the waiting is inevitable. What if we told you there are many...

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